Praise for Mental and Emotional Healing through Yoga

"Ghada Osman has written a long-awaited text. Mental and Emotional Healing Through Yoga provides a historical, evidence-based description of the body-mind connection and explains the contribution yoga can make to those dealing with emotional and mental health challenges. Providers, clients, and yoga teachers and students will be enriched by reading Mental and Emotional Healing Through Yoga and will be excited to head to the mat for their next practice."

Maryanna Klatt, PhD, professor, Department of Family Medicine, The Ohio State University College of Medicine

"Ghada Osman has managed the remarkable feat of writing a book that is well-referenced enough for the expert but written in a language that is very readable for everyone. It is my hope that everyone who works with people in pain—emotional, physical, and spiritual—will apply the author’s three-pronged approach of grounding, Brahmana, and Langhana to their clients and themselves."

Staffan Elgelid, PT, PhD, C-IAYT, GCFP, professor of physical therapy, Nazareth College, Rochester, New York

Mental and Emotional Healing Through Yoga combines key research on the intersection of yoga and mental health with a client-centered, step-by-step framework that can be applied to a range of complex mental and emotional disorders. The book guides readers through the initial intake of the first client session and the development of subsequent sessions, providing case examples from the author’s practice to show how yoga’s mind-body connection facilitates recuperation and healing. While well-grounded in research and case studies, the book is also highly readable, making it accessible to professionals such as psychotherapists and yoga therapists, as well as individuals and families struggling with mental health issues.