I share my expertise in two distinct subjects within group settings:


Yoga and Emotional/ Mental Health

1- I offer classes and workshops to general audiences on using tools and techniques from yoga to work with specific emotional health issues. See http://instructor.meltmethod.com/event/melinda-atkins/melt-yoga-relief-stress-a for an example of a workshop on using yoga (as well as another modality) for relief from stress and anxiety.

2- I offer classes and workshops to mental health and yoga professionals on using yoga to work with emotional/ mental health issues. See http://aumhomeshala.org/trainings/yoga-for-mental-health-august-22-23/ for a 4-day certification yoga & mental health that I will be offering in August at Aum Home Shala in Coconut Grove, FL.

I hold a professional-level (advanced) certification in yoga from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA, have taught yoga for 16 years, have training in Level 1 Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, and use yoga in my practice with clients (see "For Individuals" for more on this).


Diversity and Inclusion

I facilitate discussions on diversity and inclusion (related to race/ethnicity/gender/sexual orientation) among groups, especially in educational settings such as colleges and universities. For example, I recently facilitated a discussion between students, faculty, and administrators at a college campus where a series of hate crimes had taken place.

My academic background as a professor included both training and teaching experience in related subject matter. For instance, for 12 years I taught a course that fulfilled a "Cultural Diversity" requirement at San Diego State University.