I offer assistance to couples at different stages of their relationship:



1 - Couples' therapy - addressing and working through key issues in a couple's relationship

2 - Discernment therapy - therapy that is aimed to help a couple gain clarity on whether they would like to stay together or split up. Unlike couples' therapy that is open-ended, discernment therapy is usually five sessions or less, involves both individual and couple's time with the therapist, and is aimed at helping couples become "unstuck" and move forward in one of three directions: keeping the relationship as is, moving towards separation/ divorce, or committing to a six-month period of working on the relationship after which the couple once more examines the two options of staying together or splitting up. 

In addition to my graduate degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy, I also have training in Gottman Couple's Therapy (John Gottman, whose therapeutic interventions are based on research on thousands of couples in his lab, was recognized in 2007 as one of the 10 most influential therapists of the last quarter century).


Divorce Mediation

- Divorce mediation - this is a more productive, less expensive, and more empowering approach to divorce compared to the typical adversarial model. Couples go to an attorney trained in mediation who assists them with coming up with a marital settlement agreement, and then come to a therapist to work through central emotional and family-related aspects of their separation/ divorce (e.g. custody).

I have been trained in divorce mediation by the Family Resolution Institute in San Diego, CA.